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Meet Arthur, HVAC Technician

Where are you from originally? Port Arthur, Texas What part of Austin do you live in? Just bought a house in Manor In what year did you start working in the HVAC industry? 2014 What motivated you to pursue a career in HVAC? It was an opportunity become more financially stable. What got you into […]

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How UV Lights Can Improve Your Air Quality

FOR A LIMITED TIME, GET A REME HALO-LED™ WHOLE HOME IN-DUCT AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM INSTALLED FOR JUST $1,195. Get coupon > What is a UV light?Ultraviolet (UV) lights can be used to kill microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi. They first found commercial popularity for use in water treatment facilities to remove mold, […]

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COVID-19 Update

At Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing, the health and safety of our team and our customers is always our highest priority. We are all spending more time at home than ever, and we want to continue to be able to make spaces as comfortable, functional and safe for people as possible. In order to do […]

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Meet Michelle Lewis, Service Operations Manager & Dispatcher

Where are you from originally?Austin, TX What part of Austin do you live in?Northeast Tell us a little bit about your family.I have 3 children and 2 grandsons When did you join Team Efficient?2007 How long have you been working in the home and commercial service industry? My father had an HVAC and plumbing company, […]

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Meet Robert, Senior HVAC Technician

Where are you from originally?I was born in Saginaw, Michigan and spent 22 years in Washington D.C. before moving to Texas. What part of Austin do you live in?North of Austin in Hutto. Tell us a little bit about your family.I’m married with two daughters and six grandsons. In what year did you start working […]

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AC Repair FAQ: Why is My AC Not Cooling?

When an air conditioner is blowing warm air, it may run longer and fail to adequately cool your home in the Austin, Texas heat. There may be poor airflow and/or poor heat transfer resulting from one or more of the following AC repair issues. 5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air or Not […]

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