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Austin Commercial Plumbing Services

We’re proud to provide the greater Austin area with commercial plumbing services, including but not limited to:

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

While not the most fun to tackle, plumbing repairs move to the top of everyone’s list if function or damage is an issue. Highest in priority are water leaks, which can quickly cause damage. Next up are sewer functionality issues, then lack of hot water. Running a business can be hard enough on a trouble-free day, but add lack of facilities for the office and the situation becomes unproductive. 

Typically, plumbing repair work is driven by an event, such as a leak or toilet stoppage. While this may drive one repair, you may want to consider a larger scope of work at this time. For example, if one toilet needs a rebuild and all are the same age, this is a good time to do them all. It is less costly and more convenient. Working a list is always less costly than one trip at a time.

Plumbing Upgrades 

Compared to repairs, this is where the fun begins. New plumbing fixtures and products are so much better than a decade ago. There are many types, brands, styles and functions. The least expensive fixtures work well initially, but after a year or two, not so well. High quality plumbing fixtures, such as Kohler, Delta, American Standard and Rohl are available in an infinite number of styles and finishes. When planning an upgrade, keep in mind that many of these are not stock items and may require a long lead time to acquire, so plan the fixtures upfront in your timeline.

Toilet upgrades can be better than rebuilds, as new comfort-height toilets use less water and are more comfortable (as the name suggests); they are also quieter. Some are available off the shelf; however, as with fixtures, selecting special colors and features can also mean longer lead times. 

You may consider a bidet toilet. While these are not common in US offices yet, they are coming. In Japan, it is hard to find an office without one. From a plumbing perspective, these are easy to install. They do require a 110V ground fault protected electrical outlet, which normally needs to be added in the vicinity of the toilet.

Tankless Water Heaters

Most new office finishes only specify tankless water heaters when there is gas available. Your existing office may have a tanked water heater, and it may be a very small tank. With recent attention to proper hand cleaning, a small tanked water heater will run out quickly. A tankless gas water heater will serve most offices with no interruption in hot water. They can also be set to higher temperatures (130F or higher) for better cleaning. If gas is not available, there are higher capacity electric hybrid models that are worth consideration.

Efficient’s Plumbing Work (and all work in general)

We look out for you. We recommend solutions we like and use. We avoid products with high failure rates or questionable safety and reliability. We keep it simple. We like lasting solutions with components readily available if one needs to be replaced. Let us help you think through your projects.

If you are looking for Austin commercial plumbing services, fill out a quick form or give us a call at (512) 501-2275. We’d love to help you think through your next commercial plumbing project.

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