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Electrical systems are the building blocks of other systems on your property. Proper devices, grounding, wire sizes, breakers, panels, surge protection and overall design ensure that every other system and device can perform to its fullest capacity. Consequently, an improperly installed or out-of-date electrical system will deliver a range of frustrating and potentially dangerous situations.

At Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing, our licensed Austin electricians are experienced with home and business systems. With over 40 years of experience, we are known throughout Austin, Texas for the highest quality work, always to local and national codes. The electrical codes are in place to protect everyone, so we take them seriously and do not simply try to get past inspectors.

Much of electrical work is not seen – it’s behind walls, in fixtures or in attics. The fact that these systems are often hidden and not conveniently accessible makes it even more important to invest in high quality materials and service. Both will help ensure that your systems operate both safely and reliably, avoiding electrical issues.

Panels and Breakers

Electrical panels and breakers are the distribution centers of your property. Old, over-capacity or poorly installed panel sets are often to blame for electrical fires and property damage. Simply replacing panels and breakers with a new, clean, up-to-date set is a good start to a fundamentally safe and efficient electrical system. Electrical codes are specific about uses of arc-fault and ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), and these must be installed and tested to ensure reliability.


With the high price of copper, wire selection and sizing can drive the cost of installations, and unfortunately they can also drive inappropriate wire selections. At Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing, we will always make the conservative selection of wire materials, sizes and terminations to maximize the longevity and safety of your systems.


Selection of high quality devices, such as outlets, switches, and fixtures is also important. We will help you choose from reliable brands, again to ensure long life and the highest safety. We are also committed to helping you find the highest efficiency devices appropriate for your use. Simply retrofitting lighting with high efficiency fixtures or bulbs may not yield the best payback of the effort. To achieve the highest savings, it’s more important to make sure you have the correct lighting selection in the areas you use most frequently.

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