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Commercial Electrical Repair Work

We are fortunate that modern business electrical systems are very reliable. Unlike mechanical components, electrical components typically have long life and few reliability issues. However, when issues arise, in particular those that do not have an apparent cause (failed lighting elements, for example), speedy investigation is key to safety. A down circuit may be linked to overheated components, corrosion and sparking. A bad panel can and will result in losses of many types. Initially, these events could be hidden, posing risk of fire or other serious outcomes. Damage to downstream devices can occur, particularly those with expensive boards. So just because you can live without a circuit or two in your property, or investing in repairs with no curb appeal is not interesting, still consider having a commercial electrical contractor fix it sooner rather than later.

Electrical Upgrades 

This is where the fun begins. New electrical fixtures and products are so much better than a decade ago. They are more efficient, more controllable, more easily programmable and easier on the eyes. 

Lighting upgrades are limitless. LED technology has brought a new dimension to lighting, including programming, dimming, color changing and security. Tired of terrible looking fixtures? Have insects in your light panels? Hate outdoor flood lights that are like staring into the sun? Can’t read in your offices? Tired of replacing bulbs? Modern light solutions are terrific. Tape lighting opens up possibilities to create the lighting you want with few restrictions. Tape lights can be cut to length and used with or without tracks and diffusers. They are available in different intensities and shades. Finally, all new fixtures run cooler and with less energy consumption than older fixtures. 

Ceiling fan additions or replacements in common and work areas are another easy improvement. New, high quality commercial fans move more air with less noise, do not rattle, may have integrated LED light kits, are very adjustable, look great – and their controls are excellent. New styles and colors are limitless. Many three-blade fans flow more air than old five-blade fans. Always consider the reviews and quality of the fan and manufacturer. Yes, you can still buy a fan for $30. Don’t. 

Lighting and Other Electrical Controls

There are many options for lighting and other electrical controls. The right answer really depends on the application. While there are lots of “pitches” for integrated controls systems, do the ongoing license and maintenance costs justify the benefits? The larger and more complex the property, the more they make sense. For smaller and mid-range offices, simpler Leviton or Lutron controls and devices are inexpensive, low maintenance options that most users understand without training. When replacing fixtures, upgrading switches and receptacles may be just the ticket to make the difference. Updating the whole property, rather than room by room, is also more cost effective.

Efficient’s Commercial Electric Work

We look out for you. We recommend solutions we like and use. We avoid products with high failure rates and questionable safety. We keep it simple. We like lasting products with components readily available if one needs to be replaced. 

If you are looking for commercial electrical contractor services, fill out a quick form or give us a call at (512) 501-2275. We’d love to help you think through your next commercial electric project.

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