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Minisplit Installations in Austin, Texas

Would you come home and turn on every light in every room of your home? No. That’s the cost and energy-saving concept behind minisplit technology. Why waste money on air conditioning or heating in unoccupied rooms?

How a Minisplit System Works

A minisplit allows you to split your indoor environment into zones. It can be added to your existing AC or replace it as a whole-home solution.

Like a conventional heat pump, a minisplit heat pump has two main components: an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handling unit. Unlike conventional units, mini split systems allow more than one air handler – each with its own thermostat – to be attached to a single condenser.

Benefits of Minisplit Systems

This setup gives you control on a room-by-room basis — minimizing waste while maximizing and individualizing comfort. You can set the temperature for each space based on whether it’s occupied, and when it is, you can set it to the occupants’ preferences.

Most mini split systems are also ductless, which makes them dramatically more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. According to Energy Star, duct loss accounts for 20 to 30 percent of the energy used by forced-air systems. In addition to making them more efficient, the fact that most minisplits are ductless can also make them a convenient option for heating and cooling areas where there isn’t existing duct or room to install it.

They also operate so quietly that you may not even notice they’re running.

Minisplit Brands We Repair & Maintain

We repair, maintain and install all major brands and will help you choose the one that best fits your application and budget.

Is a Minisplit Right for You?

Minisplits are the most versatile AC option because — with both ductless and ducted models available — they can be installed almost anywhere.

They are ideal for heating and cooling offices, additions, garages, occasional rooms, IT/equipment rooms, casitas and other small spaces. One of the most popular applications is the master bedroom. Imagine being able to sleep in a 65 degree room in the summer time while also lowering your air conditioning costs overall.

While minisplits are versatile and offer many advantages, there are some applications that will not benefit your property in the long run – such as using a minisplit to compensate for poor duct design and installation. If you have an uncomfortable room, this may be the quickest and easiest solution. However, it should be reserved for when other options – such as restoring or replacing accessible ductwork – are not reasonably feasible.

We can help you determine whether a minisplit heat pump or another HVAC solution — such as a conventional heat pump or air conditioner installation, or simply a repair — is in your best interest. Call us today.

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