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Replacing Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

So you are doing a remodel, or maybe just freshening up the bathroom or kitchen. New plumbing fixtures can go a long way toward improving appearance and providing a leak and drip-free experience for years to come. With the many options on the market, how do you choose? Based on the many owner-provided fixtures we’ve installed, here are the factors we recommend you keep in mind as you make your selection.

Balancing Style & Function
There are countless styles of bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets available, but they do not all work equally. Some very attractive fixtures are hard to operate or splash too much. Try out the fixtures in a plumbing showroom and ask about satisfaction, either in person or online. Acquire the manufacturer’s product data sheet (cut-in sheet) and think about how the fixture will function in your setting. Is it tall enough? Are the handles easy to use? Can you easily get the hot/cold mix you want? Do you always just use hot or cold, but not mix? Two handles may be better for you.

Stainless, imitation stainless, brass, chrome, specialty… the list goes on. Consider the practicality of finishes as well. A very special fixture finish may not match anything else in your bathroom or kitchen. There are many “stainless look” finishes for kitchen fixtures, but fewer true stainless, which will look new now and in 10 years.

Rough-In Spacing
If you are not doing new sinks and counters, you will need a fixture that can be adapted to fit your current sink and counter. There are different hole counts and spacings, and you need to understand how the new fixture will mount. Most models can be adapted to fit different applications, and some can be custom ordered to meet your needs.

Consider searching for parts for any fixture you are considering. Are they readily available? Are they sold through a main brand with dealers, along with the fixture? Or are they built in someone’s garage? We recommend purchasing directly from a reputable manufacturer or one of their authorized dealers to:

  • avoid knockoffs
  • help ensure you’ll be able to get support (and replacement parts) for the fixture if an issue arises in the future

Automatic Faucets
Automatic faucets, those that are sensor driven and touch free, are becoming increasingly popular — particularly in commercial spaces. The technology is also moving into residences, both in bathrooms and kitchens. While these are nice in theory, be sure and try them out and read the reviews. Some are sluggish, inconsistent and expensive. They may be more repair prone in the future, as their service history is not yet established.

Keep in mind that they must be powered, so they’ll require batteries (which you’ll need to change) or an electrical outlet. If you need to have an outlet installed, one of our licensed electricians can assist with this portion of your project.

If you are unsure of your selection, please contact us so a member of our plumbing team can advise you according to your specific needs.

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