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How to Clean AC Coils

This is a frequently asked question, so we want to address it. The real answer is that only a properly trained service technician should ever clean these coils, as high voltage is present, and there is significant risk for injury or death if this service is not done properly.

The inside coil (evaporator coil) should rarely need to be cleaned as long as the duct system is kept properly sealed and intact and regular filter replacement/maintenance is performed. The outdoor coil (condensing coil) should be cleaned yearly by a qualified HVAC technician, as buildup from environmental contaminants, dirt, dust, cottonwood, pollen and a host of other debris can impact the coil surface — greatly reducing the efficiency, performance and life expectancy of the system. Even if the coil looks physically clean, dust and dirt can get trapped inside the fins of the coil and between coil layers which may not be apparent with the naked eye. That’s why we recommend an outdoor coil cleaning be performed annually as part of a scheduled maintenance program.

Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing provides custom maintenance plans in order to provide the best, most cost effective solutions for participating homeowners and businesses. All of our maintenance plans include an outdoor coil cleaning, which is typically performed in the spring or pre-cooling season. Our plans can also be tailored to include filter replacements, drain cleaning, UV light replacement and other options specifically designed for your type of HVAC system and the needs of your home or business.

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