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Austin Emergency AC Repair

We have technicians standing by 24/7/365 to take care of your emergency AC repair needs. No matter where in Austin you live or what type or brand of system you have, we can get you back up and running. The process is simple:

  • Call us at 512-501-2275 (our phones are answered 24/7). We’ll have a technician en route as soon as possible.
  • When the technician arrives, they’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your system to determine the root cause of the issue (not just the quickest fix). We’ll recommend the solution we believe is in your long-term best interest. We’ll also help you weigh your options in the context of your specific needs and budget. Our trucks are fully stocked, so we can usually perform the repair immediately after you approve it.
  • We’ll stand behind your emergency AC repair with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Emergency AC Repair FAQs

Where do you provide emergency AC repair service?

How much does an emergency AC repair cost?

  • We use flat-rate pricing to ensure repair costs are fair and consistent for all our customers.
  • During regular business hours, there is a $119 charge for a technician to come to your home and perform a diagnostic. However, we credit it toward same-day approved repairs. 
  • Outside of regular business hours, there is a $199 charge for a technician to come to your home and perform a diagnostic. 

Do you provide service for both residential and commercial properties?

There are so many companies that provide emergency air conditioning repair in Austin. Why should I call Efficient?

  •  We won’t send anyone to your home whom we wouldn’t want in ours. All of our employees are full-time (not subcontractors), and, in addition to being highly skilled in their respective trades, have passed both background and drug screenings.
  • We have been around since 1976 and have established a reputation for providing quality solutions. We encourage you to read our reviews – and those of any other company you’re considering for your emergency AC repair. With a long history in Austin, you can also trust that we’ll be around if you need us in the future for any AC service. 
  • When you choose us, you’re choosing a local, family-owned business that is committed to providing not only great service but also great employment opportunities in our community.
  • We have both breadth and depth of expertise. We can tackle any HVAC issue, but if it turns out you actually need an  electrician, we can handle that in-house without you having to call another company. (Need a  plumber? We can help with that, too.)

What are the signs I need an emergency AC repair?

  • Unit is not cooling/heating
  • Water leaks/water damage
  • Unit is smoking or showing signs of fire/electrical sparks
  • New or significantly increased noises
  • You have a concern about the safety of the equipment that is not listed above

Is there anything I can safely try on my own to potentially avoid a service call?

  • Check the breaker and reset if needed. If it trips immediately, do not reset it a second time. Wait for service.
  • Check the condition of the filter and replace if necessary. Then, monitor the system’s performance for a couple of hours to see if it improves.
  • If the thermostat display is off or on battery backup, check the indoor unit disconnect. It will look like a light switch near the indoor unit. It is common for pest control and other service people to inadvertently shut these off when shutting off attic lights.

Is there anything I can or should do before the technician arrives?

  • If there is a water leak or water damage, turn the system off.
  • If you see any signs of ice or freezing on the equipment or copper lines attached to the equipment, turn the system off. If there is severe icing on the unit, it will have to thaw before it can be serviced. This can take several hours.
  • Provide reasonable access to the indoor unit, especially if you use the areas leading up to the unit for storage (who doesn’t?).
  • Secure pets if needed. We are pet lovers, and we really want yours to have a good experience.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule service, call Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing anytime at 512-501-2275. We’d love to help.

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