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Benefits to Upgrading Electrical Outlets

One of the easiest upgrades that can be done to the electrical system at your home or office is the replacement of your electrical outlets. Replacing older outlets that do not have the correct grounding, upgrading the style and color of outlets, and making sure that your outlets are GFC-protected properly are good ways to update style and safety.

Making sure that outlets in your home or office have the correct grounding by having the correct number of prongs. In older applications, some of the outlets that were used only had 2 slots – not allowing for a grounded cord to fit without an adaptor. Today, three-slotted outlets are the standard Also, your electric dryer and electric range also need to be of the four-slot type. The older outlets for ranges and dryers were only three slotted, but with today’s appliances, a four-slotted receptacle is needed for the use of a neutral wire.

You can also look into changing the style and color of your outlets. In the past, outlet options usually consisted of three standard colors. Today, there are many styles and colors to choose from. The standard duplex receptacle is not the only option. There are also decorative styles that can give you a cleaner, more finished look. Along with the options in outlets, there are options with the plates for the outlets. You can have a screwless appearance, which will also give a more finished. These options in outlets also allow you to match your outlets to your switches.

Another upgrade that can be done is the addition of the USB outlets in locations throughout your home or business. This will allow for the charging of devices, such as phones and tablets without the use of adaptors. You will be able to plug directly into the outlet with the charging cord from your device. Multiple USB ports can be used at the same time while still allowing the receptacle to be utilized normally.

Confirming that GFCI outlets are being used where required/appropriate is also important. GFCI protection helps with accidental electrical shock and damage to appliances that are plugged into the circuit. Bathrooms, laundry, garages, kitchens, and outdoor areas are some of the locations where the GFCI protection is needed. This has not always been the standard but is now required by all codes.

All the above are cases where upgrading your electrical outlets would be beneficial to you. Whether it is for convenience or safety, these upgrades should be preformed by a licensed electrician.

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